Our herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats supply the fresh milk for our soaps. Nigerians have a higher butterfat percentage in their milk (4.5% to 9%) than "standard" dairy goats (3%), and this extra rich milk makes our soaps exceptionally mild for the skin. All of our soaps are "superfatted" which means that some of the fats and oils are left over in the soap bars to nourish the skin.

All English Hills Soap Company products are made in small batches and hand cut, trimmed, and wrapped. Due to the nature of hand making soaps, there will be some variations in color and sometimes slight variations in scent. Most of our cold process soaps are somewhere in the beige family of colors, while our glycerine-goat milk soaps are available in a range of pastels.

If there is a scent you would like to see that we don't already have, please let us know-- if we get enough requests, we'll include it in our product line.


All cold process soaps are $4 for a 4oz bar.

Au Natural
An unscented soap that has no essential or fragrance oils to irritate those with allergies. Perfect for babies and those with delicate skin types. Even though it has no fragrance, the milk gives it the slight smell of sugar cookies.
Oatmeal Honey
Contains local honey, ground oatmeal, with vanilla and almond fragrance oils, and is frequently requested by our customers with eczema or other painful skin conditions. Honey is a natural humectant (attracts moisture to the skin) and the oatmeal is gently exfoliating. One of our customers gave this to her nine year old son with eczema and within a month, the eczema was gone. 
Green Tea
Everyone loves green tea- it almost outsells lavender which is our most popular fragrance. It is fresh and light and citrusy- a good bet if you're not sure what people will like, since I've yet to have anyone wrinkle their nose at this one!
Fresh Linen
Very fresh, bright smell- think of a clear summer day and laundry hanging on the line.
Move over Enchanted Apple, I've got a new favorite! Sangria is a popular drink of chilled red wine with fresh fruit, and this soap smells fruity with some citrus undertones, sweet and tasty. I like this one so much, I have put a few bars in my dresser so my clothes will smell as good as the soap.
Vanilla Musk
A musky yet somewhat sweet smelling soap. Contains ground vanilla seeds for gentle exfoliating-- a great soap for men.
Plumeria is a Hawaiian flower used in leis, and our soap has the same sweet, heady smell that will transport you to the tropics.  Our Hawaiian customers love this one the most!
Cucumber Melon
A summer favorite- cool and refreshing. 
One of spring's most cheerful flowers, this is a great scent for those who want to remind themselves of spring all year round.  Probably our strongest floral scent.
Sweet with a hint of muskiness. Customers who like Cucumber Melon or Enchanted Apple tend to like Pearberry as well- just a bit sweeter and heavier.
Our most masculine fragrance with overtones of sandalwood and a slightly powdery finish.
Spring Rain
A very fresh, bright smell, with a dash of verbena , reminiscent of a clear spring day.  Popular with both men and women and one of our top sellers.
Rose Petals
Andy says this one smells like the older varieties of roses- from the time when roses were more than just a pretty face in the garden.
Gardener's Delight
Spearmint and Rosemary essential oils combine with ground organic rosemary to make an excellent cleansing soap.  Rosemary is used in aromatherapy to lift the mood, and the smell of spearmint is reinvigorating. 
Just lavender essential oil and ground organic lavender from our garden.  Lavender's essential oil is healing and is used in aromatherapy to ease away tensions.  A classic, and our most popular soap all year round.
Lemongrass essential oil makes for a bright refreshing soap- great for morning showers.
Coconut Lime Verbena
This one is mildly sweet with a musky finish. It doesn't really smell like coconut, lime, or verbena, but is pleasant and very popular with both men and women.
Lightly fragrant and very true to the actual flower smell.
Enchanted Apple
Sweet and juicy, a green apple smell that many customers describe as a happy smell.
Lemon Verbena
A very strong citrus smell with the freshness that verbena imparts.
Warm Vanilla Sugar
Very sweet vanilla, much like the Bath and Body Works fragrance.
Moonlight Path
Dark and mysterious, floral and perfumy without being overwhelming


The fragrance of the soap determines the color of the soap, i.e. the Pacific breeze soaps come in teal, the lemon drop soaps are yellow, the rose are pink, and the lavender essential oil soaps are lavender.  The soaps are wrapped in clear bags and tied with raffia, but are shown here outside of their bags to make the design easier to see.  These soaps make fun gifts and are especially popular as wedding and baby shower favors. 

Dairy Goat design ($4.50). What could be better than a goat milk soap with a milk goat design?  These soaps are enjoyed by goat lovers of all ages, and I think it is the best looking goat designs I've found.  Lemon drop version shown.

Dragonfly design ($4.50). Available in all fragrances; this is the Pacific Breeze version of the dragonfly.


Rooster design ($4.50). Lavender soap pictured.  Many people have rooster figurines in their kitchen, and this soap makes a great addition.  This rooster is my favorite because he's the strong silent type- no crowing at 2am with this guy!

2 oz. nordic knot design ($2.25). Swirl can be made a different color than the rest of the square- if you would like this, please request when ordering.



Please send us an email with "soap order" or words to that effect specifying amount and type of soap and your address. Cold process soaps are $4 each; glycerines are $4.50 each, except for the small nordic knots, which are $2.00.  Please note that shipping is not included in the price of the soaps- please contact me for a shipping quote.  I charge you what the Postal Service charges me to ship- there are no additional fees for handling or for the trip into town to ship your order.  Soaps will be shipped promptly as soon as payment is recieved.  We do accept Paypal payments which should be sent to aggiegrad98@yahoo.com, or checks may be made out to Sarah Hawkins.

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